I miss you with all my eyes that layed directly across from yours and bowed at the flicker of your lashes eyes I strain at night to paint you more vividly to see you and feel you again the ones i strain when i roll over in bed and replace the empty space with a vision of your smile that remains framed in my head

I miss you with all my touch: trickles down your back your hum your slither the empty space you filled between my fingers the waves of lightning that ignited in every corner of your body electrified you and i - alive

how beautiful it is to remember you now how lovely the thought of you with me for we were two kings royalty under palm trees star crossed, kissed with island breeze 

how beautiful it is to remember you now how you gave me your vulnerability in exchange for mine without hesitation you took a risk with this stranger

without hesitation

I welcomed you

your kiss that first night taught me fearlessness  weightlessness you sat me on a throne of comfort in this kingdom of love healed my soul with kisses cleansed my spirit with your stare

lost in mine as mine was lost in yours

lonely Incan/Mayan Aquarius boy in the Caribbean crossed paths into the fairytale you now are

lonely Taino Gemini boy of the Caribbean  until we meet again

in another life

and so it goes.

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