you are a desert of what ifs a mirage in my thoughts of who you could've been a savior that couldn't be ​ I tried to share with you my vibrance for I am like the cherry blossoms that awaken once the winter mistifies  but you took my vulnerability for granted as i wrote you poems in a language foreign to your heart

​you needed the ecstasy of being alive and all I asked for if you bothered to read between my lines was water for my roots but you are a desert of what ifs that pricked my petals saved the warmth of the sun for himself and coddled me with a cold breeze instead

he don't care for me but he cares for me

you are Frank Ocean songs played on repeat in the Caribbean breeze

and that was good enough until I remembered the beauty of the eden in my mind

we don't talk much or nothin but when we talkin bout somethin we make good discussion 

until I remembered I am a mighty Wimba shady and cool the world at my toes the sky at my fingertips and your sight will always be mine

xoxo, ​watch my throne

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