i wanna drunk text you make mistakes wake up in the morning and tell me baby it’s okay i still want you

i wanna stunt with you walk down fifth ave and be fly with you shit on these white boys and get high to selena with you

wanna cleanse my crystals with you burn some sage and forget about how i can’t tell momma about you

i wanna write poems for you the kind where i insinuate you and you feel it in your veins make my words spark magic in you

I wanna put my spell on you make you think about me the way i think about you sign my name on your neck drive you so loco that only my kisses are antidotes for you

i wanna be your soul food wanna be the man you bring your heavy heart to i want you to chase me as much as i’d chase you i want you to want me how i want you

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I'm driving with Diego and he's telling me about an overlook he's been to. We're driving back from up north after picking me up from home in JC. As the landscape and highway signs begin to look unfami

Dear Abby,

My Cousin is Straight. I mean, I've always known, questioned it even. Perhaps because he doesn't care what his body language says-he shifts his body weight from knee to knee and puts his hands on his


my dimly lit eyes ​are not wide enough for you to know what I've seen but my ears have heard the rooster cry every morning at 5 am my nose awakened by the smell of café con pan meaty, still warm from