if anyone asks i’m falling for you for my art that’s the shit i tell myself to feel sane like i’m not stuck in a daze feeling like i’m doing the most like i’ve got nothing to lose I put my pride aside and text you twice i send you pictures of sunsets followed by pink hearts because cariño you make me feel art

the idea of you is poetry the way my name falls off your tongue is a symphony you tease me with the dance of your lips you tease me with your assurances

paint me a masterpiece with your words make me the fool that believes you tell me pretty things then fail to show me that you say what you mean so i can call you out in these lines and reassure myself that it’s always the same story, different time different guy

i’m stressing you for my art willing to get played for my art make me feel special tell me about your wounds let’s play confession for my art

For I know one day i’ll be just another name and you’ll be a poem dripping on a page

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