Angel Pelaez for SCREENS an Installation by Kelsey Sharpe

"SCREENs: The Installation is a multimedia, immersive art installation making use of tableaux vivants, or “living pictures” that seek to give visitors the space to explore dissociations between their physical and digital selves. SCREENS establishes the need to unite and create balance between these two selves in order to fully realize our inner yearnings, our dreams, our passions. SCREENS gives visitors a look into how the “powers that be” attempt to craft our individual identities and retain power through our basic, given consent therefore inhibiting our ability to connect these two selves, which is our right."


 Director of Photography | Stylist | Assistant Videographer | Featured Artist

"We, internet users and TV viewers, chose to watch the content that runs through advertisements, talk shows, and pop-up windows (as just a few examples). This makes our selves vulnerable to potentially biased and manipulative content. This isn’t to say that all content is this way, but that it’s inherent when one expresses a subjective point-of-view and presents that view as objective. We saw this especially during the most recent US election, where CNN and FOX were expressing opposing viewpoints yet presenting both views to be true without the viewer ever really being able to distinguish fact from fiction within either network. This is just one example of the many."


Empty Propaganda, 2018

Angel Pelaez

Homo Sapiens (Other)

Paper, Chrome Mirror